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Welcome! Thank you joining me on "Coffee with Claire E-Learning Site". I've enabled this site to share more information than just what's in our 30 minute TV segment on the Women's Broadcast Television Network. 

I'm excited to provide 2 types of "Learn More" opportunities for you.

  • With "Learn More - Activity & Updates", you'll be able to join the E-Learning site to participate in additional posts and updates from myself and other members; our own "social community"- all for free.
  • With "Learn More - Courses", we'll provide a "deeper dive" into some of the current week's TV Segment topic. For a nominal fee, you'll have the ability to review the TV Segment, then "learn more" with informative video screen casts from experts and guru's on the topic.

Either option provides more information and updates in our busy world. Please join us, and more importantly, have fun with my TV show Coffee with Claire! 


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Learn More - Activity & Updates

My FREE Learn More - "Activity & Update" Subscription gives you the opportunity to continue to enjoy "Coffee with Claire" long after the Web TV segment has aired.

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Learn More - Courses

My "Learn More - Course" provides an added opportunity for you to learn more about the segment topics presented on my web TV show.

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I'm ready to start my coaching journey today!