Claire Billingsley’s journey to WBNTV has taken its turns through many paths, and several twists and turns. Clare has been a teacher, an aerobics instructor, a disc jockey, a franchise director , a radio talk show host, a life coach, an improvisational comedy performer, professional speaker, yoga leader, and best-selling author. She uses her curiosity for learning and her insatiable quest for helping people to connect ideas and individual together to enhance their dreams and aspirations.

Claire’s passion for connecting people has led her to “Coffee with Claire”, where she combines all of the things that she loves: education, business, giving back to the community, and most importantly, HAVING FUN! Her mantra is ‘Follow the Fun’, and once you see her style of communication and interaction with her guests, you will understand how she incorporates her mantra into everything she does.

Tune in every Friday morning at 9 am CST to WBTVN, and see what everyone is talking about….there’s never a dull moment on “Coffee with Claire”!

On this site you will be able to take full advantage of Claire's coaching skills and advice. Thanks for signing on and for following the fun!